Novels of Acquaintance

I met you over mountain moons

Banjo riffs and fiddle tunes

Sugar river, stair creek

First once now twice now every week 

Lean in, beloved friend

Bits of tender, reel me in

Tip the cup and pour the rubies

Wild laughter, lust, and beauty 

Yeahhhh. Fine-tune me with patience

And I’ll write you novels of acquaintance 

Thank you dear family

For stepping up unanimously

Everywhere we’ve gone were home

Voice for glory, grace we’re shown

It’s boundless what were in

The movements growing, spreading kin

Teach me treasure, grow me strong

Give me strength in every song

Dear quiet mystic neighbor

Here’s to trails and trails of paper

My firm-footed letter lover

You’re the best thing I’ve discovered 

It’s a love song, it’s true

Not hints no riddles no clues

No threads no strings no bounding

Damn baby you make me grounded

I’d never be here without

All your hands, rejoice and shout

You who came broke and weary

Sick, step into the clearing

Let this be a moment healing

I see you picture perfect

Rise together, loose no faith

That I’ve got you and you’ve got me