To all who champion us along the way



To all who champion us along the way:
poem by Chloe

I love the silent connection we make as travelers,
the caught eyes on unbridled streets
that beckon with hot cups
and welcoming store front window panes
that glisten like new ice as we pass through.
These people
with immeasurable open arms
that grin and tilt their door open every so gently
so that I may slide through and pass a moment of memory beneath
their lavender sheets
and tea pantries
and empty yoga room pillow stacks.
It can be too much,
the out pouring of kindness that stands to greet
at every alley and side street
I waltz upon,
eventually all leading to the inevitable moment of
that I am passing through
and this world is a large large place.
But I swear,
I wont forget your face
or your outstretched limbs when I needed it most
and even though we both will be flung far fetched into
the inconsistent horizon,
Ill carry your kindness the whole way

Thank you.

thank you for instilling in my bones that I
am not a stranger
and you
are doing me no favor
and this tiny wink of time is a blessing for us both.
that beneath the waves of unfamiliarity
is the possibility of a grander tribe
like us. And although thank you will never be enough,
I know its all you
or I would ever ask for.

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