Spring/Summer 2017:

Rising Appalachia just finished up a 2 and a half week sail boat tour around the Gulf Islands off the coast of British Colombia. Yes, its true. We packed out small bags and joined a crew of 20 visionaries and mystics, sailors and song slingers, cebadores and farmers, land tenders and whale peoples on a great Slow Music Movement journey. Sharing music to the people who grow the food. Learning local lore and history and listening to the children sing.

Traveling 3 miles per hour on the cerulean waters through wind and great sunshine and rain, high waves and the calmest of days. From port to port we carried our spirits and songs by boat and by foot to tiny centers of community and tiber framed stages, front porches and off the grid farm house dwellings. We learned to listen more. Quiet down.  Turn off and turn in. Thank the spring foods and the stewards that grew them. Collaborate and cross pollinate with everyone on deck. It was a great Coming To Life. A reminder of why we sparked this great creative fire in the first place.....


We like it slow.

Our movements calculated

yet wild,

space for the light and the mischief

and magic to

come in.

These times are so busy.

Frantic perhaps.

Everyone running that extra mile

that extra lap.

But my oh my,

aint the beauty in the stillness.

Salty air.

Sun on our skin.

All the harmony notes overlapping.

We put our sails up

and were carried along by air and laughter

from green island to green island,

farmers arms open

music and slow feasting

black whales beneath us

Sea to shining Seed.

Music and story making

for the collective memory.

Breaking bread and sharing tea.

Appalachia and Guayaki.

Its a Coming To Life that we seek,

a piece of peace

realignment and recalibration

of our offerings..

~ poem by Chloe ~

Photography by OverGrowThe System