November 2016 ~ We continue in motion...

We continue in motion... returning to the rest of the world after 3 days that stood timeless in a land that wakes and breathes in prayer. It will take some time to put into words the beauty and rawness that we witnessed at Standing Rock, North Dakota over the days called Thanksgiving... supporting a living indigenous movement. The communing we shared in, the songs, the chill in the air, the spirit, the military, the fire. I CAN say for now that it is not what the media is telling us. It is a peaceful and prayerful place, one of deep reverence and big big work. To create community against the status-quo and contra to big business is not only absolutely mandatory to our survival as a species, but is also sacred sacrifice. We need new models... and new leaders... and new ways to pray. Thankyou for strengthening the ancient ways and creating the pathway for new ones to emerge. Thankyou for the Standing Rock Syllabus. Thankyou to the International Youth Council and to the song catchers that we rallied with... Thankyou for the invitation.

- Leah Song


📸: Josué Rivas Fotographer

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