Rising Appalachia

the RISE collective

The Rise Collective is a crew of elaborate global performers, activists, youth educators, dancers, circus artists, yoginis, acrobatics, fire spinners, poets, aerialists, cultural workers, and more. As a collective of artists from a multitude of different places and different disciplines, we come together to create powerful community spaces according to needs and dream space. We bring acrobatics and ariel silks to the festivals, sound education workshops to the local youth centers, music to the rallies, or fire art to the streets. We are committed to working within each community to gather the tools and artisits that best fit the gathering, and to continue to make art a tool and a bridge builder using creative outreach. Workshops and performances can be brought to any venue and event including info-shops, listening rooms, street theaters, radical music corners, festivals, schools,  prisons and youth detention centers, refugee camps, retreats, herbalist gatherings, wellness centers, and more.


ART is our WEAPON.


The Rise Collective includes:


Youth education ::: brought together by the power of sound and the prowess of creative expression, we believe that there is a strength to arts education as a strong tool for youth empowerment. There is a great need to continue to use the arts to reach new young voices, despite its often feeble backing . With a toolbox full of different materials including poetry, drumming, sound exploration and body movement, youth education is available for any and every group of young people regardless of any demographics. Using sound and movement to encourage dialog, debate, and personal expression, we believe in the creative spirit of all young people from youth camps to juvenile detention centers…finding that everyone has a powerful voice.


Sound workshops ::: Leah and Chloe’s fluid vocal workshops explore sound vibration and body movement as tools for self-awareness.  Song-improvisation combined with creative movement will provide a pathway to loosen the body and open the vocal chords while bringing participants into their own soundscape. See more description under arts workshops…


Aerial performance ::: aerial silk performance is a dance of strength and flight, of aesthetics and gravity-defying motion in fabric. As an acrobatic art originating in circuses worldwide, it is a captivating and striking element to enhance any event. Silks have been a vine like passion for the rise collective, wrapping their way around sounds, stages and workshops. A harmonious companion to concerts of Rising Appalachia, silks mimic Leah and Chloe’s spiraling, soaring melodies as they coil around their audience. Nicole tears into her aerial dance integrating her natural rhythms and finesse to the finery of her art. Aerial silks alchemy can be integrated as a beautiful creative extension of the stage, and incredible workshops are also available.


Poetics ::: the art of the spoken word. It ignites, and so the the poets as they bellow. Theresa Davis, Alice Lovelace, Art Amuk, Charlotte Slam, and many more divine voices come to the stages when called apon to demand justice through rhyme and call apon the spirits to deliever us in poetry.


Fire spinning ::: powerful dance and performance of the elements. Fire shows call upon the primal cravings of us all and create a fertile space for ritual. Seduced by the flame, this ancient art form continues to evoke us to own our passion and let it dance.


Yoga and meditation ::: dynamic ashtanga yoga flow ::: trained on the shores of India and beyond, our yoga classes incorporate dynamic ashtanga based yoga, strength training, breath work, meditation, dance into one powerful session. There is a magic to be found in connection with the body, mind, and breath. It serves as a means to activate the spirit and lubricate the bones.


Acro-yoga ::: “acro yoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness”- Acro Yoga Montreal, and makes a melting array of beautifully intertwined bodies using both strength and grace to move through space. Acro yoga is rooted in both acrobatic studies of balance and gravity defiance, and in as the depth and clarity of yoga as a way of life. It can be both a workshop in partner balance and group dynamics as well as a  captivating performance of absolute finesse.